Thursday, September 2, 2021

Pool Update and Setback

 Pool Update

We were so excited to finally finish the plaster in the pool and put water in to acid wash and watch the last remaining items get finished before we could open the pool.

Sadly - We noticed that the pool was still losing water and the new concrete deck was lifting up from the escaping water. Quickly notified the pool contractor and they started testing all the plumbing, has to be a plumbing leak the new pool is solid and fine. They figure when filling the old end of the pool they may have broken one of the caps off of the old plumbing which they had plugged.

So Today they are breaking up the new concrete deck and will be digging to find the leak and fix it, then pour new concrete in the next day or so...hopefully will only set us back a few days...still quite a bit to do to finish the pool, will have to refinish the entire pool deck, install ladders and railings. Finish the acid treatment of the water and install all the required pool safety equipment.

Sad Picture of breaking up new deck!

Hopefully we will have another update saying the leak was found and the pipe capped and fixed once and for all!

Stay Tuned!

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Jim Lucas

Webmaster - 29 Palms RV resort

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