Friday, November 26, 2021


Happy Thanksgiving!

Twentynine Palms RV Resort has a history of wonderful Thanksgiving Potluck Dinners. The park provides the Turkeys, Ham and Gravy and our guests provide all the sides...we had a wonderful group of nearly 50 people in the clubhouse yesterday with every favorite side dish imaginable. Our Kitchen Crew and Activity Director did a fantastic job of managing and providing for our guests and staff!!

It was great to be back in the Clubhouse (Post Covid) with our friends!!

Tons of Food!

We cooked 5 Turkeys - 2 deep fried and 3 roasted!

Wonderful Ham!

Roast Turkey - prepped in the most wonderful herb Brine!

Saturday Evening will will be having the left-overs!!

Make plans to head to the clubhouse around 5:00 pm or so!!

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Jim Lucas

Webmaster - 29 Palms RV resort

Monday, November 15, 2021

Park Update - Thanksgiving Dinner


A Twentynine Palms RV Park tradition is a wonderful Thanksgiving Potluck Dinner, make plans to attend, sign up in the office with your side dish listed. The park provides roast turkey, deep fried turkey and Ham and gravy, our residents and guests provide all the sides and deserts. Bring your favorite side and join in the fun! It's Free, just your side and pleasant conversation is required!

Microsoft Word - Thanksgiving Day Potluck Flyer

We have a bunch of Turkeys for Thanksgiving and Christmas Pot lucks!

Don't forget our Sunday Breakfasts which are up and running - new this year, add a couple scrambled eggs for another dollar!!

Microsoft Word - Breakfast flyer

Nice looking French Toast!

After Thanksgiving we will be starting our Saturday Dinners, Wednesday BBQ's are up and running as of last week!

Microsoft Word - All three flyer

Make Plans to participate - we have a wonderful season planned. New Years Eve dinner is Prime rib or chicken cordon Bleu and our DJ Kelvin will be adding some music for dancing. This will be part of our Saturday Dinners through March - good food, conversation, music and dancing!

And lastly, a pool update.

I know it does not look like much has gotten done, however there has been a ton (Literally) of work done in the pump room, the filters are getting rebuilt with new sand and gravel, the solar panels are ready to be activated, the spa has been filled and we are working to get all the water stabilized and treated, we need to acid wash the pool so it will be a little while longer, we have an air leak in the plumbing we are trying to locate, pool contractor plumber due here today with test equipment to find the leak. The base for the handicap chair came in and once the concrete cures we can put the cool coat finish on. Also the old skimmers need to be sealed and finished. The park has made a huge investment in the rebuilding of the pool, adding solar, removing the building skylights and now landscaping planned and refurbish the pool and spa doors. Still a ways to go, but we hope to be swimming very soon!

There would be no sweeter words than to say the "POOL IS OPEN"!! There will be a pool Party when we can open it!!

Solar panels for Pool & Spa!

The mount for the handicap Chair finally installed!

Old Skimmers need to be sealed!

Won't be long before the furniture is moved back in!

Thanks to our Maint staff the roses are starting to bloom!

The Activity Calendar is updated!

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Jim Lucas

Webmaster - 29 Palms RV resort

Sunday, November 7, 2021

Winter Season 2021-2022 Begins!

 The clubhouse opened last night for our first "Function", we enjoyed a wonderful Baked Potato Bar Pot Luck. We had about 26 people who brought every conceivable baked potato topping, shredded cheese, onions, chili, brocoli, and there was plenty of salad for everyone.

I made a cheese, ground meat, salsa in the crock pot for a nice hot topping.

We had a nice group of about 26 people!


Sunday Pancake or French toast breakfast starts!

Why isn't the pool open yet??

After all this construction work and the pool being empty for over a year, the sand filters are so compacted they are not allowing the water to circulate properly and need refurbishing before we can get the chemicals balanced and the water and pool clean and ready for people. We have contracted with another pool company who is gathering the needed parts and materials to rebuild the filters. The spa filter actually pushes sand into the spa and we are not interested in pumping sandy water through our new solar panels, so until the filters are fixed properly the pool and spa will remain closed.

Still starting to look like a fun pool!



We will have our traditional Thanksgiving Potluck Dinner on Thursday the 25th at 2:00 PM in the clubhouse. The park provides roast turkey, deep fried Turkey and Ham and gravy, while the park residents bring a traditional side dish, such as mashed potatoes, green beans, salad, cranberry sauce, or any family favorite casserole. Plus also desserts. LOOK for a sign up sheet in the office, we will be more diligent in "Sign UP BY" so everyone has an opportunity to list their side dish and how many coming so the kitchen knows how many tables to set up and how much Turkey and Ham to make. We always fix the leftovers for Saturday night dinner November 27th!


Our Christmas dinner operates the same as Thanksgiving.

A Saturday Evening Dinner Schedule will be announced soon!


We will be planning our New Years Eve celebration with a special dinner with music and dancing following a wonderful sit down dinner in the clubhouse - Kelvin our DJ will be returning and providing all our favorite music for dancing and listening.

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Jim Lucas

Webmaster - 29 Palms RV resort

Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Pool Update - almost finished!


It's been a long road!

Well, it has been a long time coming, with several set-backs and issues to deal with. Hopefully water is just around the corner and swimming soon.

Last year we noticed the East end of the pool had sunk almost 4 inches and we were losing water every day. So we called in an expert and he determined we had a significant leak in the pool, either a plumbing leak under the pool or a crack, we were instructed to empty the pool as the weight of the water and the sinking could cause the pool to crack even more. Once the water was out, we realized that the pool had a significant crack, more than likely caused by an earlier earthquake which also cracked the floor tile and wall in the clubhouse about a year earlier. The crack was down the one side and all the way across the pool. A decision had to be made on how to fix the pool, we could attempt to repair the crack or shorten the pool without the need to raise up the sunken part and repair the side wall crack and move forward.

The Crack!

We decided that a complete re-do was in order, the canvas roof to the pool was 25 years old and all dried out, leaking and in sad shape. Having a roof was nice, but the iron supports were rusty and ugly and repairing and replacing the canvas was a major expense, we decided to remove the roof and iron supports and create and open air pool. With the pool shortened and smaller we now would have a much bigger deck for sunbathing and lounging. We also decided to extend the steps at the west end of the pool all the way across the width of the pool and add a double stair railing to make it easier to go down the steps for our older crowd.

The Deck

The pool was shortened and filled in and the deck was poured along with the new end wall. We also decided that we would add solar panels to the roof of the rest room/spa/fitness building to eliminate the need for a major propane expense heating the pool, a smart environmental decision. However it involved removing the sky lights in the building, which had always been a huge issue, they leaked and caused roof structure damage from the humidity of the spa and showers and leaking. That was completed to facilitate the pool heating solar installation which happened a couple weeks ago.

We still have a minor pump room plumbing issue, which hopefully will get resolved today. Yesterday the pool was drained and cleaned and the new railing and ladder hand rails were installed.


The filters are in need of repair and that is also scheduled for today along with the bottom drain plumbing issue, when that is complete, hopefully today or within a few days, we will be adding water and cranking up the solar water heat and be in a comfortable pool in the next week or so!

Just in time for our Winter season!

Of course there is still a bunch to do to finish the building, we will be removing the sliding glass doors and replacing with a wooden frame which will be have a stucco finish to match the other buildings and be more aesthetically appealing. Hopefully this will all be completed over this winter season.

Welcome to our wonderful Oasis in the desert!

Come on down and enjoy the winter sunshine.

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Jim Lucas

Webmaster - 29 Palms RV resort

Sunday, September 12, 2021

Park & Golf Update


Time for a little update on the pool, maintenance items and a GREEN Golf Course!!

Pool Update!

Today the first two coats of the "Cool Deck" went on the new poured concrete pad - finish coat later this week. Filters scheduled to be serviced this week, final cool deck coat this week, Solar install scheduled for the 22nd to 24th, so soon we will have solar heated pool and spa, we hope to be able to open the pool and spa soon after that!! The Snowbirds will be swimming this winter in warm water Sara Gephart!! Monday morning the landscaping/Arborists will be here to remove the trees across from the clubhouse, we hate to take away shade, however they have a fungus and are rotting from the inside out and falling down, too dangerous to leave up. We hope to be able to replace them with some other more desert friendly trees, bushes for some shade and aesthetic appeal.


Everyone says the course is in the best shape in 5 years and from my brief tour this morning it is GREEN! There is grass where there never has been. Greens and approaches look great and most of the fairways are filling in, they are watering everyday and it shows...

8th Green!

8th Fairway - yes that is grass!!

8th approach and Green - Palms Springs quality!

9th tee to green - note MOWER only needed if the grass is growing!!

1st Hole Approach & Green! Yes that is water!

We are very busy getting ready for our winter friends to arrive, in the middle of recruiting some more workampers to help us finish our landscaping projects, pool maint, night security and office so if you are a workamper looking for a spot to land this winter, ring us up.

We have a fantastic season planned, with great Wednesday BBQ's, Saturday Dinners & Dancing, Weekend breakfasts and daily morning coffee. COME JOIN IN!

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Jim Lucas

Webmaster - 29 Palms RV resort

Sunday, September 5, 2021

POOL UPDATE!! Back on Schedule


The pool is back on schedule!

The pool company came and removed the new deck, located the broken cap on a pipe and fixed the leak, they refilled and compacted the dirt and on Saturday they poured a new we really only lost a few days!

Now they will put down the two coats of Cool Deck on the new part and apply the final coat over the entire deck this week. The railings will be installed, the pool will get a good cleaning, the filters need to be cleaned and finish treating the water.

The solar company is scheduled to install the solar heating on the September 22 - 24...I am hoping we will have everything else done by then and be opening the pool...

We also have the arborist/landscapers coming on the 12th to remove the trees with fungus on the front row across from the clubhouse and pool...

We have a bunch going on in the next few weeks...bear with us as we work on all these improvements.

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Jim Lucas

Webmaster - 29 Palms RV resort

Thursday, September 2, 2021

Pool Update and Setback

 Pool Update

We were so excited to finally finish the plaster in the pool and put water in to acid wash and watch the last remaining items get finished before we could open the pool.

Sadly - We noticed that the pool was still losing water and the new concrete deck was lifting up from the escaping water. Quickly notified the pool contractor and they started testing all the plumbing, has to be a plumbing leak the new pool is solid and fine. They figure when filling the old end of the pool they may have broken one of the caps off of the old plumbing which they had plugged.

So Today they are breaking up the new concrete deck and will be digging to find the leak and fix it, then pour new concrete in the next day or so...hopefully will only set us back a few days...still quite a bit to do to finish the pool, will have to refinish the entire pool deck, install ladders and railings. Finish the acid treatment of the water and install all the required pool safety equipment.

Sad Picture of breaking up new deck!

Hopefully we will have another update saying the leak was found and the pipe capped and fixed once and for all!

Stay Tuned!

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Jim Lucas

Webmaster - 29 Palms RV resort