Sunday, May 5, 2019

Park in Bloom!

Not only did we have a tremendous wildflower bloom in Joshua Tree NP, but here at Twentynine Palms RV Resort we are blooming as well, the new area we have been working on as a quiet "Oasis" to relax in the shade is now in bloom. The grass is getting greener everyday and the old "garden" is being transformed into a place to relax, have lunch or read a book.

It is surrounded by blooming bushes and lovely flowers, we have even more plans for this area...

The details are wonderful...

If you look around in the park there are even a few cactus in bloom...

Spring in the desert is wonderful, cool evenings and warm sunny days..

Jim Lucas

Webmaster - 29 Palms RV resort

Thursday, April 4, 2019

End of Season Seafood Fest!

I have been craving some Florida Stone Crabs for a long time...finally decided to order some to be flown in and thought why not have a special seafood dinner for some of our departing is always a sad time as I watch our Snowbird crowd depart the park.

All of our regulars are special, but there are a few who really contribute to the success of the park and I wanted to show a little extra appreciation.

We started off with some cold appetizers for Social Hour - cold stone crab with mustard sauce or warm butter, fresh shrimp cocktail with cocktail sauce, I am pretty sure it was all a huge hit - Lori Prestwood camped out in front of the stone crabs and enjoyed a feast, everyone else had to get permission to take one or two...we have now determined Lori loves crab! I wish I would have taken a picture of Lori in front of the crab dish...

Stone Crab on Ice

Ready to serve!

Fresh Gulf Shrimp on Ice

After all the stone crabs were consumed, we turned to the kitchen, I saute'd some shrimp and scallops in a butter garlic sauce and Stephen and Jessica Dotson prepared some fresh asparagus and angel hair pasta, Lori had some left over fresh garlic bread in the kitchen and I had made some Hush Puppies, plates were prepared and we all enjoyed a delicious meal.

No Pictures I was too busy eating!!

Several people brought some dessert and everyone left full!!

Still a few of us left through April so the fun continues!

For those who missed this wonderful seafood fest, it was determined last night that next year one of our regular Saturday Night Dinners will be a Stone Crab festival!
Make plans to be here!

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Jim Lucas

Webmaster - 29 Palms RV resort

Monday, April 1, 2019

Blog Update - Spring Fling Dinner - Season Winds Down

We just enjoyed our Spring Fling Dinner which is our last dinner with Music supplied by our favorite DJ. Our kitchen crew put together a wonderful baked ham dinner, with baked beans, macaroni salad and fresh bread and dessert. 

This next week or so many of our Snowbird friends will be departing and heading for new adventures or back home to family we wish them all the best!

Smaller crowd on the dance floor!

I got all excited when my workampers showed up in these T-shirts - turns out it had nothing to do with me, but rather a young relative of theirs who is autistic, but I am happy to be a part of that team as well.

As the season winds down, we can all be thankful we had a wonderful season, plenty of fun times. We also want to remember Ray and Betty Haag and wish Ray the best and know we will miss Betty's smile and participation.

Those of us who will be around for a little longer will still have some fun activities and wish our friends safe travels and a pleasant summer and can't wait until fall when we all return.

Stay Tuned!

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Jim Lucas

Webmaster - 29 Palms RV resort

Friday, March 29, 2019

End of Season Golf banquet

Years ago when this park was first built, the golf course and the RV park were owned by the same person...well that is no longer true, however golf remains a big part of our winter snowbird program, many of our snowbirds spend the winter with us to play golf in the desert sunshine and wind. Many of our park residents take an active part in the golf course and help mowing, weeding, chasing gophers and organizing tournaments and a year end banquet

This past Wednesday the park hosted a wonderful spaghetti dinner for our RV Park Golfers and the "Town" Golfers and all of the people associated with the course, we had a wonderful crowd of about 40 people for dinner!

Lori made her famous Spaghetti Sauce and a fresh salad, garlic bread and ice cream for dessert...another wonderful dinner for our golfing friends.

We have a few more get-together's planned stay tuned!

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Jim Lucas

Webmaster - 29 Palms RV resort

Sunday, March 24, 2019

Southwestern Night - Park Dinner

WOW - What started out to be a relatively slow night, turned into a great crowd and dinner. A little rain this winter has created a historic Wildflower Bloom in Joshua Tree NP. So the park is full and so is the RV Resort...we had people in the office on Saturday afternoon signing up for dinner, Miraculously, Lori was able to stretch the fixins and take in some extra people, which is tough since she shops and cooks for those signed up by Thursday...but we managed to have a wonderful dinner Southwest style.

Southwest Decorations!



We had a group of young people who joined us and when the music started they joined right in, although we had to convince them to head to the dance floor!

The fun continued on the dance floor...

As usual Kelvin our DJ provided a great assortment of music - some slow dances...

Some good old Rock & Roll!

Even a nice waltz so Jim could give some lessons to our young guests!

We had a great time and it was nice having some new people in the crowd as our season winds week is our last week of Sat dinners and last night for the DJ...we will still have some pot luck dinners through April and some music from the stereo!

Still some fun scheduled.

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Jim Lucas

Webmaster - 29 Palms RV resort

Sunday, March 17, 2019

St. Patrick's Day Dinner

Our fantastic kitchen crew served up a wonderful traditional St. Patrick's Day Dinner, we had corned beef, cabbage, carrots and potatoes with a salad and fresh bread and ice cream and cake for dessert.

We were happy to welcome back our own personal leprechaun for our entertainment. Anita and Jim Kuzyk arrived in the park just in time to provide some genuine Irish entertainment and stories...we sang a few Irish songs and celebrated the Holiday in style.

After our Irish tunes the DJ cranked up the music and the dance floor filled up.

We had a wonderful evening celebrating the Holiday, however we also had some sad news...we lost a wonderful winter friend and wish Ray Haag and his family our heartfelt condolences for the loss of his wonderful wife Betty. Betty always had a smile for everyone and pitched in all our activities, one of the first to help decorate and organize our many events, she will be remembered and never forgotten.

Ray and Betty earlier this year serving up dessert.

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Jim Lucas

Webmaster - 29 Palms RV resort

Sunday, March 10, 2019

Luau Weekend at Twentynine Palms RV Resort

Always a favorite and well attended event, we enjoyed another great Luau Weekend! The weekend starts Friday morning when the fire pit gets dug out and the fire started and by about 3:00 pm the coals are perfect for the blessing of the Pig by the Chief and his entourage, the Tropical Drinks are flowing and the pig gets buried.

We had fantastic weather for the Blessing!

Pork gets wrapped in wet burlap before going in the fire pit.

Ready to be buried!

Time for a Pina Colada!!

The Chief and the Luau Ladies!

Tropical Drinks all around!

Now we wait - the pig slowly simmers underground for about 21 hours or so...just in time for a wonderful Saturday Evening Feast. As usual the pork was the most succulent and tasty, another fine meal by our kitchen crew! We had a fantastic crowd of about 60 people!

After dinner we enjoyed some wonderful entertainment...

There was even some Hula lessons for Warren...

After the entertainment our DJ got the music started!

Always a good assortment of Music - like a little Two Step!

Some line dancing!

Just cannot give enough Thanks to our wonderful Kitchen crew, Activity people and staff!

Another fantastic Tropical Luau Weekend for 2019

Stay Tuned still some fun left this season!!!

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Jim Lucas

Webmaster - 29 Palms RV resort