Thursday, November 28, 2019

Thanksgiving Pot Luck Dinner

We had a huge crowd for Thanksgiving Dinner in the Clubhouse!

Over 60 people joined us this year for a wonderful Pot Luck Thanksgiving Dinner. The RV park supplies the Turkeys and Ham and Gravy, with our kitchen crew doing a fantastic job of cooking the turkeys - we had 2 deep fried and 2 oven roasted and smoked ham. Our guests provided virtually every traditional side dish, dressing, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, vegetables, salad and plenty of pies for dessert!

We need to Thank Jessica and Stephen for their great effort and fantastic food (I apologize for not getting pictures of Jessica she was too busy and fast in the kitchen to catch)! Thanks Bobbie and Jim for setting up the tables and decorations and lending a hand in the kitchen. Also Thank Vickie and Bill Talley the park owners for supplying the Turkeys, Ham and Kitchen Crew and wonderful park for us to entertain our guests!

Our kitchen crew started on Saturday prepping the turkeys!

Stephen and Jessica made a very tasty brine and the turkeys rested overnight in the brine!

The ham spent a few hours in the smoker!

Bobbie and Big Jim had all the tables ready for the crowd!

The crowd arrived!

Big Jim creating the wind block to keep the deep fryers going!

Deep Frying the Turkeys!

The deep Fried Turkeys turned out great as well as the oven roasted! Very Juicy, the brine did the trick on both the deep fried and oven roasted!

Time to carve the turkeys!

The food line was long and full!

One of our Marine Residents asked if they could bring a few Marines from the base who just returned from overseas and did not have time to get home, of course we welcomed them and thanked them for their service!

If you missed it or did not get enough, Saturday Dinner in the Clubhouse is leftovers, more desserts are always nice, but should have plenty of everything!

Still waiting for a few winter friends, plenty of activities on the calendar, come on down!

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Jim Lucas

Webmaster - 29 Palms RV resort

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