Sunday, March 29, 2015

March 28th - Cooks Night Off - Chili Cook-Off

Our last official Saturday night dinner for the season - we celebrate and thank our wonderful Kitchen crew for the many Saturday Night meals they prepared all season with a Cook Crew Night Off. The park residents open up their kitchens and we have a wonderful Chili Dinner and Cook-Off. Of course there was also fresh bread and salad and ice cream for dessert.

As usual the Park Crew pulled it all together with 6 wonderful Chili Versions, rice, and all the fixins.

We had a wonderful crowd!

The Selections!

I was even convinced to bring 24 of my famous Stuffed Grilled Jalapeno Poppers - you can see they went fast!

The season really winds down this week with many people scheduled to depart for home or more adventures!

Still a few activities in the plan so feel free to participate right up until you leave!

Our activity schedule is filling up - make sure you check all the events that are planned!

Jim Lucas

Webmaster - 29 Palms RV resort

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Twentynine Palms RV Resort - Bonfire and Saturday Dinner

The activities continue as we gradually say goodbye to many of our winter friends as they head home or on to other adventures.

A nice group gathered behind the clubhouse at the Fire Pit for a nice Bonfire on Friday evening. It was a beautiful night, cool and clear with a nice warm fire!

Yes we even had Smores!

Saturday evening was a wonderful Mexican Dinner from our Kitchen Staff - what a great meal! Sadly it is the end of our live music for the season and we must bid Adieu to our friend Walt Young with promises to see him next season!

Thanks Walt for the great Music!

Line Dancing of course!

Rockin to some Rock and Roll!

And always some nice slow music!

As the season winds down there are still some fun activities going on daily! Click the link below for our current schedule!

Our activity schedule is filling up - make sure you check all the events that are planned!

Jim Lucas

Webmaster - 29 Palms RV resort

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Twentynine Palms RV Resort - Pat & Chuck Ruth Roast

The park family took on an almost impossible task of trying to Thank Pat & Chuck Ruth for 21 years of memories. It is nearly impossible to remember everything Pat and Chuck have done for the park. A steady line of people recalled some special memories, skits, golf stories, line dancing stories, book sales and Chinese Auctions.

Pat & Chuck have been such an integral part of the park for so long, had we tried to relate every story we would be there for 21 years! However the best were told and we all had a wonderful evening roasting this wonderful couple and wishing them the best on their future plans.

Pat promises to continue the monthly newsletter during the off season keeping everyone informed of our Park Families activities. This really ties the park together and helps people plan their arrival in the fall and a way to keep up with what our park neighbors are up to over the summer. Thanks Pat for keeping us connected!

The Roast!

Big Crowd!

Even Pat had to fill in the details of a story!

Of course there had to be the playing of Elvira and a line dance!

Pat & Chuck Ruth with some memories to take home!

Everyone had a grand time and wish Pat & Chuck nothing but the best and hope they will come back down in future winters and spend a little time with their friends!

Schedule is winding down with people heading home daily - but still plenty to do! Check the link below to our activity calendar!

Our activity schedule is filling up - make sure you check all the events that are planned!

Jim Lucas

Webmaster - 29 Palms RV resort

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Twentynine Palms RV Resort - St. Patricks Day Celebration

The park crowd gathered for another special Saturday Night dinner for St. Patricks Day. A fine dinner of corned beef and cabbage, red potatoes, fresh bread and ice cream! We had a good crowd who enjoyed the celebration and some special entertainment!

Our resident Leprechaun and her singers led the crowd in some traditional Irish folk tunes!

Then it was time for a special song to our long time winter residents who recently sold their place and will not be returning. Pat and Chuck Ruth have been an integral part of the winter crowd for the past 21 years and will certainly be missed. Pat has tirelessly led the line dancing crowd in the park and over the years has organized many hilarious skits. Both Pat and Chuck have been involved in the various decorations, the book sale and our famous Chinese Auction. They will be hard to replace. A special song was written and sung by the entire crowd - Thanks for the Memories!

Good Luck Pat and Chuck!

Then it was time for some dancing and Walt Young led it off with Pat's favorite line dancing tune - Elvira!

The crowd gathered around and stayed well after the music stopped - talk of travel plans and summer adventures and we solved most of the world problems!

The season is winding down, but still plenty of activities in March and early April - check the schedule by clicking the link below!

Our activity schedule is filling up - make sure you check all the events that are planned!

Jim Lucas

Webmaster - 29 Palms RV resort

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Twentynine Palms RV Resort - Luau Week!

It has been a very busy week at Twentynine Palms RV Resort! We started the week off Monday evening with our Chinese Auction and Silent Auction - tons of fun and a great time to empty out the RV and get rid of those things you don't need or use and a fine time to discover the hidden jewel you have been looking for!

A few Pics of the Auction!

Just a small sampling of some of the items...

The bidding gets furious!

The hat he always wanted!

And a shawl!

Never know when you might need some tassels!


The week continued with the beginning of Luau Weekend on Friday morning with the building of the fire and the opening of the fire pit!

Friday afternoon the crowd gathered by the fire pit for the blessing of the fire by our resident Witch Doctor and his Dancers!

The Blessing of the Fire!

The Witch Doctor and his Crew!

The Witch Doctor!

The Witch Doctor and Crew around the fire pit!

Everyone was in a Festive Luau Mood!

The Tropical Drinks were flowing!

We had a Huge Turn-Out!

Even the Witch Doctor enjoyed some tropical juice!

After the blessing the cooking crew wrapped the Pork on Burlap and loaded the fire pit!

Then it was time to close the pit and cover it with sand!

The fire pit was opened about 18 hours later in time for Saturday Nights Dinner and Celebration!

The pork was tender and juicy and perfectly cooked!

After Dinner it was time for the entertainment!

We had a record turn-out of about 75 people - the Clubhouse was full and so was the dance floor and music by our good friend Walt Young!

Yes there was line dancing!

Lots of socializing and good times!

After the late night and losing an hour for Daylight Savings it was time for Luau Breakfast this morning!

Wonderful Quiche!

Stay tuned the season is in full swing! Still plenty going on - click the link below for the latest schedule!

Our activity schedule is filling up - make sure you check all the events that are planned!

Jim Lucas

Webmaster - 29 Palms RV resort