Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Time to start heading South - the Snowbirds are heading your way!

I have received a couple emails this week and our 29 Palms RV Park snowbirds are making their plans to head South over the coming get ready we are on our way!

I am not particularly looking forward to the 2700 mile drive but I am looking forward to my return to my friends and the glorious scenery and activities at the park this winter!

I long for desert sunsets in the park!

Day and Evening Trips into Joshua Tree National Park!

Firing up the BBQ behind the Clubhouse!

A Campfire with friends!

The Holidays in the Clubhouse!

Great Food in the Clubhouse for the Holidays!

Some Music and Dancing!

In the emails I have heard that a few of our winter friends will begin arriving in late October and many more arriving in November in time for our Thanksgiving Celebration.

I plan to arrive around the 10th of November or so, have a long drive ahead of me and plan to see some sights along the way, but I will be there!

Can't wait to get back to 29!

Drop me a line and update me with your travel plans...

See everyone soon!

Jim Lucas

Webmaster - 29 Palms RV resort