Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Pool Update - almost finished!


It's been a long road!

Well, it has been a long time coming, with several set-backs and issues to deal with. Hopefully water is just around the corner and swimming soon.

Last year we noticed the East end of the pool had sunk almost 4 inches and we were losing water every day. So we called in an expert and he determined we had a significant leak in the pool, either a plumbing leak under the pool or a crack, we were instructed to empty the pool as the weight of the water and the sinking could cause the pool to crack even more. Once the water was out, we realized that the pool had a significant crack, more than likely caused by an earlier earthquake which also cracked the floor tile and wall in the clubhouse about a year earlier. The crack was down the one side and all the way across the pool. A decision had to be made on how to fix the pool, we could attempt to repair the crack or shorten the pool without the need to raise up the sunken part and repair the side wall crack and move forward.

The Crack!

We decided that a complete re-do was in order, the canvas roof to the pool was 25 years old and all dried out, leaking and in sad shape. Having a roof was nice, but the iron supports were rusty and ugly and repairing and replacing the canvas was a major expense, we decided to remove the roof and iron supports and create and open air pool. With the pool shortened and smaller we now would have a much bigger deck for sunbathing and lounging. We also decided to extend the steps at the west end of the pool all the way across the width of the pool and add a double stair railing to make it easier to go down the steps for our older crowd.

The Deck

The pool was shortened and filled in and the deck was poured along with the new end wall. We also decided that we would add solar panels to the roof of the rest room/spa/fitness building to eliminate the need for a major propane expense heating the pool, a smart environmental decision. However it involved removing the sky lights in the building, which had always been a huge issue, they leaked and caused roof structure damage from the humidity of the spa and showers and leaking. That was completed to facilitate the pool heating solar installation which happened a couple weeks ago.

We still have a minor pump room plumbing issue, which hopefully will get resolved today. Yesterday the pool was drained and cleaned and the new railing and ladder hand rails were installed.


The filters are in need of repair and that is also scheduled for today along with the bottom drain plumbing issue, when that is complete, hopefully today or within a few days, we will be adding water and cranking up the solar water heat and be in a comfortable pool in the next week or so!

Just in time for our Winter season!

Of course there is still a bunch to do to finish the building, we will be removing the sliding glass doors and replacing with a wooden frame which will be have a stucco finish to match the other buildings and be more aesthetically appealing. Hopefully this will all be completed over this winter season.

Welcome to our wonderful Oasis in the desert!

Come on down and enjoy the winter sunshine.

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Jim Lucas

Webmaster - 29 Palms RV resort