Sunday, March 26, 2023

The Last Supper


Time already to wind the winter 2022-23 Season Down.

No it was not the real last supper, but the last Saturday Night supper for this season in the Clubhouse. We want to thank Kelly and Rance Cochrane for a wonderful job and many great meals this season. They will not be returning next season as they are off to the East Coast to welcome a new Grandchild! We all wish them the best in their travels and hope someday they will stop by and say hello or cook for another season!

This weeks meal was fantastic and one of my favorites - Hamburger Steak, Baked potato, gravy and green beans, bananna Splits for dessert! Great way to end the season. Also time to say goodbye to Kelvin our DJ and we plan to see him again on New Years in December!

Missed a pic of dinner but trust me it was GREAT!

Microsoft Word - Hamburger Steak 3-25-23

The line dancers hit the floor after dinner!!

Thanks Big Jim & Bobbie for a wonderful season!

Still plenty to do around here with Wednesday BBQ and Sunday Breakfasts! So make plans to join in!

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