Sunday, September 12, 2021

Park & Golf Update


Time for a little update on the pool, maintenance items and a GREEN Golf Course!!

Pool Update!

Today the first two coats of the "Cool Deck" went on the new poured concrete pad - finish coat later this week. Filters scheduled to be serviced this week, final cool deck coat this week, Solar install scheduled for the 22nd to 24th, so soon we will have solar heated pool and spa, we hope to be able to open the pool and spa soon after that!! The Snowbirds will be swimming this winter in warm water Sara Gephart!! Monday morning the landscaping/Arborists will be here to remove the trees across from the clubhouse, we hate to take away shade, however they have a fungus and are rotting from the inside out and falling down, too dangerous to leave up. We hope to be able to replace them with some other more desert friendly trees, bushes for some shade and aesthetic appeal.


Everyone says the course is in the best shape in 5 years and from my brief tour this morning it is GREEN! There is grass where there never has been. Greens and approaches look great and most of the fairways are filling in, they are watering everyday and it shows...

8th Green!

8th Fairway - yes that is grass!!

8th approach and Green - Palms Springs quality!

9th tee to green - note MOWER only needed if the grass is growing!!

1st Hole Approach & Green! Yes that is water!

We are very busy getting ready for our winter friends to arrive, in the middle of recruiting some more workampers to help us finish our landscaping projects, pool maint, night security and office so if you are a workamper looking for a spot to land this winter, ring us up.

We have a fantastic season planned, with great Wednesday BBQ's, Saturday Dinners & Dancing, Weekend breakfasts and daily morning coffee. COME JOIN IN!

Click the link below to view our current activity calendar...

Jim Lucas

Webmaster - 29 Palms RV resort

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