Saturday, March 11, 2017

Luau - The Blessing of the Pig!

The day starts early with the fire being started in the fire pit, first thing in the morning - the fire needs to be burned down to a thick bed of hot coals with no the fire crew starts about 8:30 for the 3:00 pm ceremony!

Don splitting a good piece of mesquite!

Good fire well stocked with wood to burn down!

About 2:30 a crowd gathers outside around the fire pit, inside the Witch Doctor and his Luau Ladies get ready for the blessing!

Outside the "pig" is wrapped and wired in wet burlap!

Right on time the ceremony begins!

Our Witch Doctor is ready!

The Luau Ladies lead the Witch Doctor to the Fire Pit

The Blessing of the Fire and Pig!

Time to load the fire pit with the wrapped "Pig"!

The fire pit lid is closed and the pit covered until tomorrow!

Spud putting on the finishing touches with the shovel!

Time for some "Tropical Drinks"!

Luau weekend is one of the highlights of the winter season here at Twentynine Palms RV Resort. There is a ton of effort that goes into organizing and making it happen. Our kitchen crew does a fantastic job of getting the pork ready and the other items for our dinner Saturday Night - Lori and Jim Prestwood, Don and Frankie Nobert as well as other park guest volunteers.

Jim Prestwood and Don Nobert man the fire pit and do an amazing job!

Our activity directors Bobbie and Jim Groos and Dorothy and Kim Bruhn head up the decorating committee and gather the "Luau Ladies" and make it all come together! Special thanks to our Witch Doctor Wayne Larson!

Special thanks to the park owners, Bill and Vicky Talley, for coming out and making our frozen Pina Coladas!

Looking forward to a great dinner dance tonight!

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Jim Lucas

Webmaster - 29 Palms RV resort

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