Sunday, July 14, 2019

2019-2020 Winter Snowbird Special

If you are making plans for your winter retreat - we are pleased to announce our Snowbird Special for winter 2019-2020!

We have a great winter crowd!

Plenty of fun events in the Clubhouse!

Saturday night Dinners and Dancing!

Luau Weekend is always a fun time!

Our Preliminary Schedule for 2019-2020

Here's the deal!

Buy 5 months and the 6th is free! The rate is $465 a month. The deposit upon making the reservation - by September 15, 2019 - would be $930. Upon check in, the first month rent deposit would be applied and a $75.00 electric deposit charged. The second month deposit, will be credited on the fifth month of your stay and the six month would be free. This results in a very significant savings and an effective monthly rate of only $387.50!

Hope you make plans to join in our winter fun!!!

The deal is fully explained on our website: HERE!

Jim Lucas

Webmaster - 29 Palms RV resort


  1. The swimming pool should be seen and admired as a great please......also the golf course, if it still operates, is another added attraction......but most of all the friendly people one meets there make one head back year after year. We did 15 years from England and made so many lasting friendships at 29Palms. You will know if it is for you after only one or two nights.

  2. Please show photo of the huge , indoor pool as this is a great attraction, as is the adjoining golf course if it is still operational. Mostly though, the greatest attraction are the lovely, special people who winter at 29Palms. We went there for 15years, from England and made so many long lasting friendships with both Canadians and Americans. Long may it prosper!