Saturday, July 21, 2018

Mid-Summer Park News

Figured I would pass along a little summer update for our winter residents...


Always get asked this question - today a little cool only 95 so far the highest has been 112 - however I took out my laser temp gauge and the white side of trailer was 117, the dark fence was 123, the blacktop was 167 and the dashboard of my truck was 173...the pool is nice though and makes the afternoons bearable. Supposed to be 111 on Monday and 114 on Tuesday then cooling down - we had some early monsoon and rain and high humidity - but seems better now!

We also got a new air pump for the hot tub, nice in the evening before bed then cool splash in the pool.

Some Park Projects!

After the full winter rental of the cottages all are being shut down for a couple days and deep cleaned, also any repairs that are needed are being addressed. Like the sinks - they are white fiberglass and get stained and marked easily, Ric has found some paint made specifically for refurbishment and it works great.




They look brand new!!!

We finally completed a long term project - a sun shield for the tractor storage area!

You will note the old golf cart is gone and the area is cleaned out!

People Update!

I am feeling much better - spent 5 days in Desert Regional Medical Center and finally got my blood pressure under control and all new meds seem to be working fine...and after not smoking for 5 days in the hospital I decided I was through and have not had a smoke in over 2 still tastes good! I am leaving for the month of September with plans to be back on October 2nd. Flying to Ohio for the month and 50th class reunion. In the meantime I am managing the night phone and locking up the pool and filling in, in the office as needed.

Ben Hoisington caused a little stir with the Emergency Vehicles dragging him off to the hospital - thankfully nothing serious - but did have his Gall Bladder removed and he is now down at his daughters for the rest of the summer and will be getting a heart valve job later if all goes well.

Bob Harriman is still around and doing well with plans to get out of here later this summer for a month or so!

Mark Ross is hanging in there still playing over at the 29 Palms Inn on Monday evenings and other gigs as they come up...

STAFF Changes!

Tammy has left for another position more in line with her education - she is doing some sort of counseling in Yucca, so we are operating without a manager and it is going well.

Wanda is still doing the bookeeping and has assumed some of Tammy's responsibilities.

Ric Jordan has returned from long ago and is heading up maintenance and it is working very well - Ric is making a huge difference in the park.

Bryon Buhecker - Is still with us, but has another opportunity right around the corner and will be more than likely leaving in the next few weeks - he took a physical the other day so it is eminent. He will be working over in Amboy at a mine in what can be a career position - we are all rooting for him and wish him well.

New Hires

We have several new people on the front desk and seems like a very good crew - Sandy, Rachel, Tesa, Spring with several doing double duty with housekeeping. Ric added another maintenance person Martin in anticipation of young Bryon leaving and of course we are still interviewing.

We also got the well pump air tanks fixed and now have some green grass on both ends of the pool area.

Golf Course

The latest project at the golf course is running all new wiring and control boxes for the sprinkler system, they are making headway and I am seeing some more green areas over there! Hopefully it will be in better shape for the winter.

I am working on a winter special and also clarifying the rules on prorating monthly rates for extending your stay, should have a firm policy in place in the next week or so.

Just waiting for our winter friends to return!

Jim Lucas

Webmaster - 29 Palms RV resort

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