Sunday, April 23, 2017

Blog Update - The Last Supper and Breakfast

It's Official!

Last evening about 12 of us gathered for our last official Saturday Evening Dinner. Jim and Bobbie provided the main dish of spaghetti with meat Sauce and salad, pot luck for the rest - there were wings for appetizer, cabbage salad, hot garlic bread and pie and ice cream for dessert...we had a great time.

Ben baked pies and they were popular!

Sunday Morning was pancakes and sausage and had a good crowd - with Spring break still going on, bunch of tent campers and families up for the weekend - free entrance fees at the National Park and their campgrounds are full!

Big Jim was working the griddle...


Many Thanks to Jim & Bobbie Groos for a wonderful season!

Nice crowd for pancakes!

Lots of young people tent camping in the RV Park!

All that remains for this season is final cleanup of the kitchen and clubhouse then pack up and head North!

See everyone in November!

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Jim Lucas

Webmaster - 29 Palms RV resort

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