Thursday, March 6, 2014

Blog Update - Happy Hour - Baked Potato Bar and Chinese Auction!

There was a new twist added to Happy Hour Wednesday evening...add in a loaded Baked Potato Bar and the grill fired up for bring your own meat to throw on and you have a meal to remember, in fact the loaded Baked Potato was more than enough for most of the people. Of course there was butter and sour cream, cheese and onions and some great chili! So you can see it was a full meal, on the grill I saw sausages, venison, steaks, chicken and pork you could bring whatever you wanted to throw on the grill to compliment your loaded baked potato! We have to thank Laurie and Jim and Frankie and Don for another wonderful meal out of the kitchen at 29 Palms RV Resort!! They do a superb job!

However, the meal was just the beginning of the fun...for it was time for some spring cleaning. Perfect time to find those items in the RV that get rarely used and donate them to the Chinese Auction, so from Monday through Wednesday our residents dug deep in their RV's and found those items that they no longer needed and to the clubhouse they went!

The process is fairly simple - the ladies had pieces of paper and plastic cups on each table - it is an open bid type of auction, not bidding on specific items but bidding on the opportunity to get surprised later on....for every bid you write down your number and put a quarter in the can bid as often as you like, the more bids (numbers) you hold the more prizes at the drawing!

The bidding took about a half an hour and then the fun begins...all the numbers from the bids were replicated on poker chips and put in a large bucket - the ladies selected a donated item and the bid number was drawn, then the person holding that bid number was awarded that the way, the prizes ranged from a bicycle, a new gas grill, a computer monitor to a pack of toilet paper and golf balls and everything in between.

We had a wonderful crowd!

The prize distribution begins!

The prize was only the first part of the fun!

The ladies did a fantastic job of "selling" the item!

By the way there was more than one person who was lucky enough to win an item they donated!

A few prizes were things you can REALLY use!

A couple prizes required "Personal Consultation"...not sure what instruction she was giving!

YES - It really was a "Personal Massager"! Some people are just lucky!

There was trading going on all over with people trading for something they really wanted! And sometimes the prize was just perfect!

All in all another great evening activity by the folks here at 29 Palms RV Resort, the perfect winter retreat!

Last night was really the kick-off to a very busy week. The golf scramble yesterday had its largest turn-out to date with 39 people! Friday we kick off our annual Luau with the burying of the pig on Friday afternoon by the witch doctor then it slow cooks until the unveiling on Saturday evening for our fantastic Luau dinner! Plus I hear there is going to be a Miss Hawaii live music and dancing....capped by a Sunday morning brunch in the clubhouse!!!

Jim Lucas

Webmaster - 29 Palms RV resort

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