Sunday, January 26, 2014

50's Night in Twentynine Palms Resort - Time for some Rock & Roll

It was time for a Rockin Good Time in the clubhouse Saturday night for our annual 50's Night. We had a nice large crowd of over 40 people ready to rock the night away....

The kitchen staff had a great dinner planned with fresh grilled hamburgers and hotdogs with french fries, salad and all the fixins...the music was ready to go and it was time for a rockin good time!

Load of pictures for this event, so here we go!!

Our 50's girl so cleverly made by Pat Ruth - met us at the door!

The decorations in the clubhouse fit the theme!!

Jim and Lori's Dinner was getting the food ready!!

The guys had the grill fired up and cooking!!

The girls were ready to feed the party! Can never thank the kitchen crew enough for what they do!!

Nice crowd ready to eat!!

In short order the food was finished and the dance floor got busy!!

Always a couple songs for the line dancers!!

However the evenings entertainment was just starting - it was time for Pat Ruth and the Twentynine Palms Thespian Troupe to take center stage for a little 50's tribute! Names are being withheld to protect the Troupe!

Pat started off with a great radio commercial for "Hits from the 50's" and the actors sang to the music!!

The Singers!!

As the evening wound down and the actors took their final bows to a huge applause and signed autographs...

Carmine decided he needed just one more dance and in came our girl again!

She was so good looking soon someone had to cut in!!

Another great evening of fun and food at the beautiful Twentynine Palms RV Resort!

Stay tuned there are still plenty of activities this season to come!!!

Jim Lucas

Webmaster - 29 Palms RV resort

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